The unique 2-days workshop for those who want to be always
ready to rescue

this is a unique hands-on workshop created to teach young surgeons to a broad spectrum of different surgical techniques and operations with a focus on Damage Control Surgery
We do our best to make this workshop really interesting, state-of-the-art, up-to-date, without boring lectures and dry theory. Our workshop is discussion, collaboration. We do not want to tell you everything, we share what we know, what we can, and also we want to learn from our students, exchange knowledge, tips and tricks. This is an interactive platform for learning!
High quality
Our instructors are attending trauma surgeons having extensive experience not only in treatment of severe trauma, but also in military trauma. All teachers are doing scientific research in trauma.
Remarkable fidelity
Live tissue training and cadavers have the best possible fidelity of real clinical scenario. Robotic simulators help to learn basic diagnostic tools and techniques.
Individual approach
It is important that our students are doing everything by their hands. Full 2-days imersion to trauma surgery! Minimum of theory, maximum of hands-on training. We respect your intentions and proposals
Workshop Instructors

Every instructor is an expert in trauma surgery having experience also in combat-related injuries, and also a assistant or associate professor at War Surgery Department of our Kirov Military Medical Academy, a medical institute with the history of 220 years.
Aleksander Petrov
MD, PhD, Associate professor
Trauma surgeon, vascular and military surgeon
Vasiliy Suvorov
MD, PhD, Associate professor
Emergency and general surgeon, trauma surgeon, military surgeon
Alexey Goncharov
MD, PhD, Associate professor
Trauma surgeon, general and military surgeon
Viktor Reva
MD, PhD, Assistant Professor
Trauma surgeon, vascular and military surgeon
Artem Grebnev
MD, PhD, Assistant Professor
Trauma surgeon, orthopedic and military surgeon
Artem Nosov
MD, PhD, Assistant Professor
Trauma surgeon, orthopedic and military surgeon
Please look at our program
What our students say about SMART…
Pavel Ivanov
Head of the Polytrauma Emergency Department of N.V. Sklifosovsky Scientific Research Institute of First Aid (Moscow, Russia)
"This is a unique course related to problems of acute phase treatment of severe injuries with nice harmony of a broad spectrum of addressed issues and depth of immersion to this issues"
Gleb Korobushkin
Head of Trauma, ortipedic and War surgery Department in Pirogov Russian National
Research Medical University (Moscow, Russia)
"It is a must for every attending specialist recruited to a trauma team! Even if you are not a traumatologist and you will never do laparotomy or thoracotomy… This workshop will help you to speak the same language with all the team. It will turn out when to wait, when you have to stop the bleeding, and when you have to encourage your colleagues to do something to save the patient life!"
Evgeniya Zhukova
General surgeon, I.Dzhanelidze Research Institute of Emergency medicine (St.Petersburg, Russia)
"This workshop allowed me expanding my surgical skills. When a few days after completing the workshop, a patient stabbed to the heart admitted to our hospital during my nightshift, I successfully sutured the heart and the patient survived!"
Aleksander Zemlyanoy
Professor at Main Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Moscow
The Kirov Military Medical Academy showed state-of-the-art organization of the SMART workshop. We were able to practice the basic and most important surgical techniques and maneuvers of Damage Control Surgery. Live tissue training is extremely important for understanding of anatomy in case of different injuries. Theory and practice allowed adopting the strategy of Damage control resuscitation
Alexei Trukhan
Chief surgeon of the Main Military Hospital of the Armed Forces, Belarus
"It was extremely full and very realistic practical course of damage surgery. And it was a great pleasure for me to improve surgical skills and communicate with adherents. I wish to thank organizers and instructors for the accomplished work."
Victor Barinov
Head of the Surgical Department, Clinical Hospital №1 (Volynskaya), Moscow
"This project is vital and rather perspective for the doctors of any surgical specialty, as it's of course expands the range of practical skills and way of thinking within the framework of Damage control. The high level of professional competences and pedagogical skills demonstrated by the trainers of this cycle allowed this rich theoretically and good in practice program be successfully implemented in atmosphere of goodwill and professional collegiality. It was great pleasure for us constantly feel the atmosphere of respectful attitude from the trainers of this cycle to their tutors, traditions and history of the field surgery department!!! Keep going!!! Great appreciation for that useful and professional interactions!!! "
Tudor Serban
General Surgeon, Romania
"The general idea is: you never truly know something surgical well enough, until you do it with your own hands. There are lots of books and videos demonstrating emergency surgery, but none can cover the REAL experience that this course does. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to any beginner traumatologist, or any surgeon that has tangent with emergencies. The course is pretty extensive as in - it covers A LOT of possible traumatisms (orhtopedic, thoracic, abdominal, vascular); the trainers are very thorough and warm. I had a good time among the team and i left this course with a HUGE package of knowledge, and some extra dexterity too!
Participant Fee
March 22-23, 2019
November 16-17, 2018

Food included (2 lunches, 1 dinner)
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